The new Mercedes Benz eSprinter Intelligent, interactive and innovative en

Strong performer in all sub-disciplines: the Sprinter defines the premium class in its segment. New connectivity solutions: Mercedes PRO connect services ensure a quantum leap in the efficiency of fleet management. Equal to any transport requirement: number of variants increased yet again Clever overall system solution: a combination of different attributes makes the Sprinter the perfect vehicle for tradespeople Important mounting points retained: bodybuilders can rely on a well-established basis A fascinating design, safety features at a very high level, maximum cost-effectiveness, customer and sector-oriented details and a connectivity package that takes infotainment systems and telematics applications into a new era: in every sub-discipline, the third generation of the Sprinter defines the top class in the large van segment. However, where the founder of this segment actually shows its true strengths is in combining its individual attributes into an overall system solution. Follow us @AutoMotoTV - Like us on Facebook: AutoMotoTV - AutoMotoTV Deutsch:
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