Driven To Extremes - Dakar Challenge 2018

"In March 2018, Driven to Extremes ran our first expedition to Morocco, attempting to drive the Moroccan section of the original 1990s 'Dakar Rally' through the Sahara desert. Using a fleet of second hand Citroen Berlingos worth no more than 250 each, we took three teams of veterans, three civilian teams and four support vehicles on an extreme 19 day adventure that tested both the cars and the participants to the edge. The team started in the UK, taking the ferry across the Channel to France and then driving all the way down to Gibraltar. After taking another ferry across to Morocco, the we drove to the extreme east of the country and then across the Sahara desert, finishing at the Atlantic Ocean in the extreme west. In 2019 we will be opening up this trip to the public! You can join us for this adventure of a lifetime whilst helping support military veterans recovering from PTSD." Follow us @AutoMotoTV - Like us on Facebook: AutoMotoTV - AutoMotoTV Deutsch:
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